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Case Studies

For Guides, Integration Coaches & Therapists in Practice

Why a Cohort of fellow Guides?

In-depth education, deep and seasoned personal experience and the support of a cohort of guides is, I believe, essential, deeply nourishing, empowering, and wholly supportive for psychedelic - assisted guide work.


To have trauma-informed care, spiritual integration, mindfulness and compassion woven into our practice.

To be witnessed, held, guided and enlightened by one another's gifts, experiences, deeper questions, curiosities and wisdom.

This is what I believe to be the best way to support our deeper intentions for ethical and engaged psychedelic guides.

Together we develop a deeper understanding of psychological complexities through our case studies. 


Our cohort supports us by providing explorative, inquisitive, non-invasive, somatic - based methodologies that treats the whole person, integrating body, mind, emotions, and spirit, enabling us and our clients to do deeper more meaningful work in less time with lasting results. 

This experiential relational approach we explore enables illuminations and break throughs around archaic, somatically maintained, dysfunctional behavior patterns by re-awakening and establishing the truth and remembrance of who they are in those integrated states of wellbeing, constancy and sense of self in the body. The body-mind-soul can adapt the new state deeper into present moment, as a resource state moment to moment.

What's in a Guide?

A guide is a skilled, and knowledgeable navigator / copilot. Someone deeply familiar and experienced with the territory, the language, resonance, arcs, themes, and essence of the medicine they are serving. They keep you and the space safe and held, they prevent you from getting lost, help you avoid injury, and help you notice or discover things that you might miss by yourself.

The role of the guide is to attend to the physical, personal, safety, and other interpersonal needs of participants, with full attention and open acceptance, while avoiding “care-taking” coming from false will in you, fixing, labeling, diagnosing, or being distracted.

It's important for a guide to be deeply passionate about the exploration of their own psyche.

I believe that good therapeutic alliance depends largely on the personhood and state of mind of the guide.

Do I need to have an active practice to participate ?

Touchstone attendees should have some experience and/or an active practice.

Attendees would also have prior experience with psychedelic substances and/or non-ordinary states and associated modalities, as it is of utmost importance to fulfill this requirement if you are working in the realm of any psychedelic assisted guide work. If you facilitate other kinds of therapies that do not involve mind-altering substances, you are also welcome. Other modalities include sweat lodge, breathwork & hypnotherapy.

What's the focus of Touchstone Groups?

The focus of these case studies groups is to explore and learn more about working with mindfulness and body based therapies. In our approach, we weave interpersonal, transpersonal, multidisciplinary and contemplative practices as well as personal reflection to nurture the collective wisdom of our cohort.

  • We hold confidentiality, to protect all our clients.

  •  We talk about what you are meeting in your practice- In yourself, in your clients & the        relationship     

  • We explore core themes, experiments in action, interventions, non-interventions, patterns, organicity, and care for what is emergent in a soul & its expression; physical, emotional, spiritual, mental.

      Following the emergence of what is relevant to a soul's truth at given moment. 

  • We support ourselves and our clients to study present experience for whats is true. We may find clues about implicit beliefs and the reactions that influence how we organize life experience. 

      Truly, as guides, what we bring to the situation, as caring and supportive human beings, is       more important to the outcome of the experience than the techniques we employ. 

      Again, we can only guide people as far as we have gone.

  • We are learning about ourselves, as much as we are studying the ebbs and flows bumps and triumphs of what happened in our sessions. 

Participants Experience a Balance of:

Theory (taught relationally through conversation and group discovery-not a lecture)

The practice and application of the tools we share, and

Direct experience through what happens in the sessions between you and your clients. 

Case Studies Explorations Include:

  • Skill development in facilitation

  • Tracking and Contacting

  • Insights and deeper questions that support collective witnessing, collective intelligence, healing, collaboration and connectivity, and care.

  • The wisdom of group genius

  • Prioritization of personal growth as integral to developing the skills to provide the most integral and deeply potent and impactful therapy, support, leadership, other interpersonal truths for death, birth, resurrection, rebirth & transformation.


Ultimately, we envision a world where all people can access healing. We aim to validate and support the intrinsic wisdom and healing intelligence in others as well as in ourselves, in service to collective healing, liberation, and greater engagement in the fullness of life.


Upon entry into the Case studies cohort, you will receive a welcome pdf with BEST PRACTICES Skills, Roles, Qualities, Intakes, Questions, Prep, Participant Relations, Consent, Touch, Equality, Screening and much more. 



October 2nd 10am -11:15 EST

November 13th 10am - 11:15 EST

December 11th 10am - 11:15 EST


$90 for 3 sessions
Over 3 months


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Antonia Vanoro 

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