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The Rainbow Bridges

Retreats and Advanced Facilitation 
for Consciousness Raising Evolutionaries

Why Rainbow Bridges?



The rainbow is a shimmering arc in the sky, a bridge between the many worlds. Each color reflecting as representations of spiritual wholeness. It is the embodiment of such wholeness within ourselves that enables us to traverse the Rainbow Bridge, back and forth between the terrestrial and the transcendental, the uniquely individual with unique expressions, wholeness and oneness. 


The spirit of the hummingbird is our guide for exploring and connecting the different realms of our being. The hummingbird hovers joyfully, kissing on every flower, gathering nectar, nurturing and bringing sweetness & care from each to each.


We cross these Rainbow Bridges together by following the joyous, nurturing, and wholistic spirit of our hummingbird guide.


There is a profound shift happening in each of us and on our planet, and we are being called to remember our ancestors, and our deepest calling. To live a heart-centered life of truth love and service.

To understand deeper, the ways in which paradox is the lesson we came here to embrace and not to "get ahead of". 

To be the doulas that have the capacities, the wisdom, courage, direct experience, knowledge and tools to support natural cycles of life, death, rebirth and resurrection.

The healing that's happening through both conscious and unconscious descent in both our personal healing, our hero's journey, as well as supporting our community in all the stages we are all traversing together in both different and similar ways.


 RB provides a whollistic map for awakening and presence, designed to enhance mental, physical and emotional clarity and wellbeing.


Wellbeing is an energetic experience felt in the body that arises from a state of somatic integration.

Somatic integration or embodiment... therefore wellbeing, can be achieved in different ways. 

Old beliefs from our core wound, cultural influences, attitudes and fears emanating from emotional injuries create blocks or repetitive holding patterns in the body and mind. 


Though RB skills, teachings and experiential understandings we learn how to quickly identify, respond to and be in right relationship with these impulses and survival strategies. We learn character strategies, and work with the 5 Personality Patterns as a map.

Working with the body and the psyche/soul, with art and mythos/storytelling simultaneously, allows access to a deep experience of self that is differentiated from one’s history, traumas, learned defensive patterns, and current event experiences. 


Through breathing practices, mindful movement, somatic experiments we are awakening core presence.

Staying curious, we support resistance rather than working against resistance as supporting resistance helps us to discover more discern, inhabit and sustain the experience of Self, wellbeing, constancy and being fully alive. 

We sustain an experience of self as we begin to release habitually disruptive body-mind holding patterns thorugh "unblending" and see our see our survival strategies as not who we are. 


RB is designed with successive modules and areas of study and experience that help practitioners/participants to move through first, a course of inner study, study with earth medicines thenwoven into the continuous Assisted self discovery practices.

Through this offering, we Re~Member whole-Beingness—by strengthening our interpersonal relationships, and connecting to all the “parts” of ourselves. Identify the mythos living us, and the mythos being lived. The ways we are in relationship with timelines and structures, voids and states, and how we nurture our TRUE nature. 


The Rainbow Bridge is designed to support our meeting ourselves and each other with deeper curiosity, compassion and healing presence.

The Aim of this training is to support the healing and evolution of our rapidly evolving world.

The Rainbow Bridges integrates the best approaches from Eastern and Western psychological, eco psychological, mysticism, mythopoeticism, shamanism, physiological, cultural, relational and spiritual body-mind theories and practices into a highly efficient and effective somatic implementation model. 


We believe that good therapeutic alliance depends largely on the personhood and state of mind of the guide.


The focus of our trainings use this method of mindfulness, body based therapy, and earth medicines to cultivate those personhood qualities and skills that would help anyone to be a healing presence for another. 

Through the cohort and group work in The RB training, participants experience a balance of theory (taught relationally through conversation and group discovery-not a lecture) the practice and application of the tools we share, and direct experience (demos, and breakouts) and longer retreats with various modalities. 

The direct experience includes skill development in facilitation, tracking and contacting, and more enactments to support collective witnessing, collective intelligence, healing, collaboration and connectivity.

The intentional learning experiences geared toward presence, somatic experience, memory, conscious communication, empathy and discovery enable us to learn and to put into practice diverse integration tools. These are powerful and essential medicines for interpersonal healing, as well as when working with visionary earth medicines. 

These are the tools we need to harmonize ourselves, our relationships, and to step into our soul’s calling of healing, transformation, empowerment - and a life lived with maximum meaning and purpose.  


Continuing Ed

Offering Rainbow Bridges Continuing Ed Practice Group

Exclusive for RB Alumni 

Fall 2022

6 Modules +  3 Special Offer Bonus Modules on Survival Strategies and Character

Each class emphasizes 

  • Presenting & Embodiment, 

  • Review of module 1&2

  • Experiential’s 

  • Breakout groups

  • Practices

  • Exercises

  • Conversation and 

  • Creative counsel when requested. 

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